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Which is the best adsense alternative

Hello friends, in today's post, you will learn about the best AdSense Alternative Ad Network of Adsense, if you want to earn money by monetizing the website.

Dear friends if your request for adsense approval has been rejected by google due to google’s policies  then don’t worry today I will share with you adsense alternative no requirements no policies no traffic issues, etc.

So now you are in the right place, we are going to tell you about such ad network, by using this ad network you can earn $200+dollars  every month sitting at home. Why You Should Join Adsense Alternative

Why should we use Adsense as an alternative because nowadays there are many people whose website gets a lot of traffic but they do not get the approval of Google Adsense.

And just keep behind Google Adsense and they don't see anything else and they waste their time till they get approval.

 Adsterra One Of The Best Ad Network For You

This is the best and more money paying network than Adsense does not give you, it gives you more than that in less traffic and you can earn more money in less traffic.

 Adsterra publisher requirements

Adsterra does not allow publishers that have adult content or illegal content. All publishers must meet minimum traffic requirement as well as there must be no fake traffic before or after publisher approval.


No Need Traffic

Instant Approval

Any Website

All Language Support

Copy Paste Content Also

Adsterra minimum payment

Adsterra offers NET15 periods, payable biennially on 1st and 16th. The minimum limit for payment is $100 USD for Paxum or PayPal payments or $1,000 USD for wire transfers. Note there is a $50 fee for wire transfers.


How to Sing Up For Adsterra

To Sing Up, we will provide you a link so that you can sign up directly by clicking on the link and get your website approved in a few hours and earn money by placing ads.

 search Adsterra account in google and click on sign up button also given blow chart


after click on sign up button you can see three options you may click on As a Publisher option 

after complete all process your adsterra account is ready you can earning from adsterra on watching ads on your blog/website

I hope that you have liked this article, do not forget to share this article’s link with your friends and family so that this information can reach more and more people and earn money. you may also watch below video for completely process to how to create adsterra account on your blog/website

 Thank you.